Rose Hill CemetaryRose Hill is a place of remembrance and respect. We strive to keep a beautiful, park like atmosphere and encourage visits from family and friends.  We honor the custom of expressing love and devotion by decorating graves where loved ones are buried. Common practice is to adorn burial spaces with flowers. Decorating, however, must be done in a way that does not create a safety hazard, impede proper maintenance, infringe on other graves, diminish the character of the cemetery, or offend others.

For these reasons, cemeteries adopt regulations for the common good. To be effective, it is sometimes necessary to take steps to uniformly enforce the regulations.

Cemetery offices maintain burial records to assist families in locating graves for the placement of floral tributes. Cemetery rules typically stipulate what decorations are acceptable. During the growing season, fresh/live flowers are encouraged; seasonal artificial flowers are permitted. Cemetery superintendents cannot contact individual families if decorations are not in keeping with cemetery regulations. For families unable to visit graves, tributes are accepted from local florists and assistance with placement may be offered.

Rules and Regulations Concerning Grave Tributes

  • One 12” pot with a handle or one log planter with a handle will be allowed per grave
  • Pot must conform to cemetery policy – ANY color plastic pot with removable handle (standard green pots can be purchased
    at our administration office)
  • You may place anything you wish in the pot (plants, stones, statutes, flags, other memorabilia)
  • Nothing will be allowed to be placed outside the planter, with the exception of flag holders (shepherd’s hooks are prohibited)
  • Only natural plants are allowed from Mar. 15 – Nov. 15
  • All grave tributes must be removed by Nov. 15, as we begin our fall cleanup
  • Artificial flowers or wreaths may only be placed from Nov. 30 – Mar. 15
  • Unsightly or nonconforming items will be removed and disposed of
  • Neither Rose Hill Memorial Park nor any Rose Hill entity employee will be responsible for theft, damage or destruction of grave tributes

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Rose Hill Memorial Park grave decoration rules

One 12” pot with a handle or one log planter with a handle will be allowed per grave.